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neural quark


Our curiosity for solving the puzzle of humanity's boring and sad problems. Projects that dissuade unethical AI

Anti Artificial Intelligence Company


A pure and good
Artificial Intelligence 

We are firing neural networks with very strange and charming approaches towards problem solving. The quest to find equation to randomness of highest order should be slowed down to preserve and understand sanctity of life before converting everything into data and statistics.


All interconnected multidisciplinary plans for a wise and exciting future  


Currently with content boom there is need for universal auto encoder. With training models uniquely to invent new compression techniques will lead to lossless like compression using the storage of cheapest lossy compression.

Other is to develop machine learning frameworks for Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to improve image and video processing in the areas of image enlargement, video enlargement and enhancement. The goal is to provide more efficient and effective solutions to the limitations of current video enhancement technology such as handling multiple video formats and providing real-time processing.

Phase: Ideation
visual fidelity neural quark
lone the moon night neural quark

After compression and processing, we are training models for real time low light video noise removal and quality restoration. This is the biggest issue in the imaging industry. Cameras have to be bigger in order to gather more light and it is not viable to carry around. We are using image-based vision first approach combing various electromagnetic data to understand light and applying it to our processing algorithms. For collecting such data, we have made our own custom hardware which at some point can be developed and evolved into a cutting edge next generation imaging product way ahead of its time. Combined it will be powerful for Defense surveillance and Art.

Phase: Research

Since the invasions on India by different empires of the world and impaling of their own beliefs on Indian Culture, so many things have been lost or forgotten. Ayurveda was almost destroyed. Like every field or branch of science, with time there should be new ideas/innovations to keep moving the human knowledge forward for the benefit of humanity. It did not happen. Foundationally it was dumped for hundreds of years until the ancient texts and books were found and translated and practice started again. It missed those crucial years of human health. Ayurveda is different kind of medicine system that deals more with herbal medicines made from original and natural sources already made by creation on Earth.

We believe every disease created by nature has its cure in nature. Like deep learning models for protein folds, we are trying to work on models that can identify potential cures by running millions of different combination and permutations on chemical compositions of all herbal elements available on Earth against the structure of our highly complex bodies.

Phase: Research
heal me forever neural quark
sweet song neural quark

India has more than 22 diverse languages that reflect the history and culture of people living. There are hundreds of more languages that are not in mainstream. We are building real time translator for all the local languages with accent as central approach. The translator will be able to speak any language in any accent and understand vice versa. It can speak Gujarati with English Accent and English with Bengali accent.

Phase: Research

Internet can be enemy sometimes. It can be used to manipluate opinions of major population. Or to generate fake publicity for commercialization. 

We have made a tool for Identifying the source of Internet Trends and our deep learning models find whether the trend is organic or it is artificially made-up trend by PR bots / paid influencer army / click farms.

Phase: Prototyping
internet mirage neural quark
frail chain neural quark

Around the world, everyday new steps are taken for climate change. When we are shifting towards the carbon neutral future some changes will not show entire of its effects.

Earth operating ecosystem is a very delicate and complex cycle of organisms interconnected by multiple chains. We are training models so with every measure taken we can analyze its effects and in real time along with combined effects of all measures taken for future.

Phase: Data Collection

Anti AI and AI defense tools for identifying the unoriginal / redundant / boring content generated by various models online trained and fed on original human generated and meaningful content. 

We strongly believe that problems which are meaningless and one that wastes human time should be solved with machine learning and automation. But in doing so big tech in lieu of corporate greed makes solution for a problem that was not a problem in first place. Creativity and intelligence are lost in their greed. AI should help humans with donkey tasks not take place of tasks that requires pure thinking and intelligence. Otherwise, what will be the point of humans when all adventure and curiosity is gone because we developed our own replacement. It will be foresight Jarvis for Ultron.

We are currently testing our tools like browser extension and website that can instantly detect AI generated text and photos across web pages.

Phase: Testing


Experiencing the uncertainty keeps human life engaged

Look at the people training on data generated by millions of users. They are using all data generated by people over years without any consent however they want. No constraints. No one is speaking or taking action against them. They keep on doing more and more to earn more money/fame/control. Very wrong things are going on without any regard of consequence

Someone has to apply brakes. If uncertainty is removed from human life, slowly they will turn into animals.

Artificial intelligence should only be used as tool to enhance our life, for overcoming mundane tasks of life. It does not mean general intelligence have to do everything we do. Engineering a balance between what we should do and what it must be capable to do is very long thoughtful game. People fail to understand that. Big tech is on race for gaining more attention and then amusing people superficially to create our replacement where human mind will not be valued anymore.  

We want to remain uninterrupted and nonstructural startup to keep experimenting with cross disciplinary ideas because sometimes it can lead to pathbreaking innovations. We have no idea yet on how to monetize our projects, everything depends on the results of our experimentation in various fields.

We are trying to hit the fundamentals the first time. Above are the very exciting projects that deserves our maximum priority.  We have worked on proof on concepts and want to develop them into full-fledged products/services.

The results of these projects can be a particular industry wide or affecting multiple industries at once shifting ways to birth of entirely new industries. The idea of a computer is always a tool that can help us save time and let us do what really matters, have an exciting adventurous life where people can take mind off to appreciate the creation.

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